Our History

Formed in October 1974 by Mr.Charles Noel Brown, C.N. Brown Plastics, Inc. was established to supply the Southeast by selling PVC dispersion, PVC suspension resins, polypropylene resins, and chlorinated paraffin. In ensuing years, additional items were added to the company’s product line, namely ESO and Plasticizers.

In 1994, Bobby Wayne Gaston, Jr. joined the company and created the Chemical Distribution Division. From 1994-2002, C.N. Brown Plastics, Inc. was engaged in selling industrial chemicals including: caustic soda, amines, chlorinated solvents, and caustic potash.

In 2002, the Chemical Distribution division was sold to Georgia-based Colonial Oil Company, and C.N. Brown Plastics, Inc. returned their focus  to the Plastics Division. With all employees of C.N. Brown Plastics, Inc. having extensive experience in all phases of chemical distribution, it was only natural to re-enter the business.

With sales and customer service personnel in place, C.N. Brown, Plastics Inc. is becoming a driving force in the plastics business.